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My Gluten Free and Vegan List:


Red Apple Lipstick – Eyes, Lips, primer is also a great concealer, pink & red eyeshadows and lipsticks are also great blushes
Gabriel’s – compressed powder (I normally find this at Sprout’s or Whole Foods)
Mineral Fusion – compressed powder and concealer (I always buy these at Sprout’s)

Essential Oils:

Doterra – I have been using this brand’s essential oils since 2013 and have nothing but good things to say about them. Bottom line: They Work! These oils are gluten free, and so are most of the supplements and other products. I love using the fennel and Digest Zen blends for my digestive health, especially after a glutening. I also love that I can carry around 8 different oils on a keychain now!


Bard’s Beer – the original sorghum beer. If it weren’t for Bard’s, we wouldn’t have 100% gluten free beer options on the market! Their beer is natural, rich flavor and a dark beer, like real beer should be.
New Planet Beer – this became my favorite beer once I tried the Raspberry flavor. They have recently added two canned beers in addition to their five bottle flavors. I love the Raspberry best of all though, because it’s a beer that finishes like a wine. Mmmm!
Glutenberg – this is my newest find. So far, I’ve only had the American Ale. It definitely drinks like a traditional label Bud Beer, which is weird, because it’s brewed in Canada and its 100% GF.

Tito’s Vodka – Tito’s is definitely my favorite vodka, it’s a classic that I enjoy in place of tequila in a margarita. It also makes a mean screwdriver! Try mixing it with any of your favorite fresh pressed juices or ginger beer! You won’t regret it, or maybe you will.

Enjoy Life – Plentils, Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Chips & Morsels, Snickerdoodles (also sold at Trader Joe’s), and all their snack bars

FreedomFoods – Cereals and Breakfast bars. My favorites are the new Crafted Blends, but their Crunchola bars are second to none!
Bakery on Main – oatmeal [is better than you’ll remember the glutening flavor packets, and easier to make], granola bars (check ingredients for other allergens like sesame), TrueBar (check ingredients for other allergens too), and their granola is my Dad’s favorite!

Vitamins and Energy Drinks:
Amazing Grass – Watermelon, Orange Dreamsicle are my favorite flavors
Kind Organics – multi-vitamin, B-12 spray (it tastes like oranges), vegan D-3 spray (it tastes like vanilla syrup)
Calm Magnesium – The Vitamin Shoppe branded version is almost always cheaper
L-Glutamine Powder – this is great for healing the gut
Activated Charcoal caps- I use this with my toothpaste to help whiten my teeth, but also post-glutening
Sunwarrior and Vega One protein mixes – I love these brands because they are always vegan and always gluten free I haven’t found anything comparable to the ingredients in either yet, but I’m always searching!
Selenium tabs – I like the tablets best from Country Life because they dissolve in my drinks pretty fast; I’ve learned that they are great for thyroid health, and that all brands of these pills STINK so you just have to keep them in a glass pill container with a good lid, otherwise your whole kitchen will also small bad.

Food and Dessert:
Brown Rice
Sweet Potato – and sweet potato fries!
Red Potatoes – because they make good baked fries too
Mushrooms – portobello, baby bellas, shiitake are my favorites in salad and in cooking, because they stay together and can cook like tofu
Betty Crocker Gluten Free Brownies
Milton’s – crackers (not vegan)
Udi’s – the breads and pizza crusts are not vegan but they are my family’s favorite!
Glutino – plain pretzels and pretzel chips are vegan, my family loves the bagel chips and flavored crackers too
Sunbutter – the one sold at Trader Joe’s is the sugar added version (I love it with their Pumpkin Butter and celery, as well as by the spoonful.)
Almond Butter – my favorite brand is MaraNatha
Semi-Sweet Chcocolate Chips – Ghirardelli is always Vegan and GF, so are the Trader Joe’s chips, all others are usually not food allergy safe!
Chia seeds

Recent Posts

Food Allergies and Me

Before I decided to write this post, I really had to vent to pretty much every friend I had without food allergies and a couple with food allergies. My apologies if it comes across as an angry ranting blog post.

As some of you may know, I have Celiac Disease and food allergies. In addition to my food allergies, I’m in the lucky [on average] 10% of people with food allergies who also has one or more airborne food allergies. This means that if there’s poor air circulation at an office in which I work, or if an air vent is blowing one of my airborne allergens directly on me, I need to wear a face mask to protect myself from the chronic pains that could ensue.

I enjoy advocating for safe foods for people like me who have to live a gluten free lifestyle with no government subsidized food allowance. So, chances are, you found me through my Instagram or Twitter account where I frequently show off all the fun new products I find and the products I frequently buy, use and love.

Sometimes, I get to attend expositions where I learn about new products, and get to see old friends. As of late, I get to also work directly with a company, or 2 or 3 at one of these events. As a gluten-free and multiple-food-allergy advocate, this is my favorite part of any and every job I have ever had: the ability to try new and safe-for-me things!

Unfortunately, the advocate lifestyle doesn’t pay any bills, and only seldom puts food on my dinner table. So I work, a lot! Day job, night job, weekend jobs, all the time and multiple locations in a single day. It’s sometimes daunting just keeping up with my own schedule, let alone being single and trying to date a guy who understands what it means to date someone with food allergies.

So, life happens, I work hard, I have fun, and I work some more.

This is where it gets tricky…  I have food allergies, and celiac disease, so you can rest assured I will not knowingly poison myself and work in a non-gluten-free bread factory, peanut butter plant, or participate in a crawfish eating contest. I know my limits and when to set boundaries with food and people who handle food:

  • I do know that I can shake hands with the real Justin and his amazing staff, from Justin’s nut butters, without having any type of reaction. The reasoning: they know safe food handling processes and abide by them. Yes, even my airborne peanut allergy is not affected by having conversations and interactions with any of the Justin’s staff in store demonstrations, nor at major events and expos. In fact, if I didn’t have an allergy to peanuts, I would only and exclusively buy Justin’s Peanut Butter and peanut butter cups as my main source of safe vegan protein.

I know my limits, and if I fail at protecting myself, I always have a backup plan with multiple strengths of dye-free Benadryl and as a last resort: the epi-pen. If you deal with food allergies in your daily life, or the lives of people you protect, I recommend having a plan as well. Just like a fire drill, earthquake drill, lockdown drill, tornado drill, it’s always better to be safe than the alternative.

  • Being denied work because one has to live with food allergies is unlawful according to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

My goal as an advocate is that nobody has to go through the struggles I have had to deal with throughout my school and work careers.

If you have had to deal with being fired or denied employment for having food allergies or celiac disease, please let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me directly.

This post is not sponsored by Justin’s, it is just my life.  Justin’s does have a great, and very easy to modify for peanut allergy, cookbook: you can buy it here.

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