The life of a gluten-free Instagrammer

I sure am glad that you are reading this! I write a lot on Instagram, but those are always much shorter posts and use less formal punctuation and language. It’s been quite difficult for me to come up with a theme for a blog post; and then actually writing it, so I really do appreciate your time!

The things I love about being a gluten-free foodie and Instagrammer/Tweeter/snapchatter (search for “angerasan”) are that:

  • I get to try and eat a lot of fun new foods and drinks
  • I get to attend events and expos with a purpose and thirst for knowledge
  • I get to be a part of an amazing community of understanding individuals
  • I get to help people with every post
  • I get to be a voice for our community on various social media outlets
  • I am encouraged to create and engage in new food and meal recipes

Obviously, those are the highlights, the only real low is that I have no freezer space left for regular frozen foods, like coconut or cashew milk ice cream and frozen organic broccoli and cauliflower rice. 😂

So, I really do appreciate your time and interest in my life and food. I hope you find my food allergy journey interesting, or at least semi-entertaining.

Thank you,

angela (CHG)