GFAF Expo-San Diego Preview!


Hello Friends!

Well, it is officially Expo Season again! It’s coming quicker than the rain El Niño promised us in Southern California.

You can buy your ticket(s) to the GFAF Expo in San Diego by clicking HERE!

I’m super excited about this year’s GFAF Expo in San Diego because not only do I get to reveal special sneak previews on my Instagram account (CeliacHashiGirl), but I’ll also be working with my Dad at the expo! You’ll have to come find us, or just wait and see what brand we will be working for Saturday morning! Furthermore, if I can get reception, I’ll be on Periscope too! You can find all my periscope replays HERE on

Now for the things, and people, I’m excited to see and taste at the Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo:

  1. Finally getting to meet Tiffany @gfmomcertified. Seriously, she’s an amazing food allergy mom, food allergy warrior, and you cannot talk about her without mentioning her amazing cookie recipes and adorable daughters! I watch her on Periscope just to see the littlest one “help” prepare cookies or Friday’s pizza dinner, you should too, it’s adorable.
  2. Breathing in all the sweetness of Safe Gluten-free bread, cookies, cupcakes and pizzas
  3. Getting to spend a whole weekend with some amazing gluten free bloggers and celiac & food allergy warriors!
  4. Freedom Foods Cereals and SMUDGE! (The only place I know where I can buy SMUDGE is at the GFAF Expo – it’s like Nutella but no dairy and no nuts!) Freedom Foods came out with All Round Goodness last year; it’s an OAT-FREE and vegan cereal, so even celiac’s who can’t eat oats can have something like, but better than other oat circle cereals. (I believe Real Maple Goodness is always better than that honey-nut flavored stuff.) Freedom Foods products are all made in Australia so they are always: non GMO, tested for top nine allergens, top 12 allergen safe, and I can now use this bitmoji: image
  5. Udi’s & Glutino product tasting and previews of what we can soon find in stores! It’s no secret I love Glutino pretzels; they saved me from going mad when I first found out I had to be gluten free 8 years ago. I happily paid $16.00 for a large bag of these pretzels at my local Publix grocery store for a sense of normalcy while I was trying to find out what I could possibly eat that wouldn’t hurt me. My Dad and Nephew only eat Udi’s bread, and I do not foresee that ever changing, especially with the addition of the Rye Style bread to the Udi’s line of gluten free breads!
  6. Potapas Tortillas! If you pay attention to my taco nights, or Sunbutter/Smudge rolls on Instagram, you know I ??❤️ Potapas tortillas! I like to think I’m the reason all 3 of my local Sprouts stores carry them now, right next to my favorite …
  7. Smart Flour Foods Pizza Crust! I’ve been a fan of Smart Flour from the first time I found out they were GF and Vegan (I had just found out I have an egg allergy). Smart Flour always has a line for their pizzas at the expos they attend, and can you blame them? They use uncured pepperoni so it’s safe from harsh chemicals that can upset [my] digestive system further.
  8. BioK+  Luckily, if I want to try a taste of something at the expo with egg or dairy (I like to try everything!), I’ll be able to take a quick shot of BioK+ vegan and soy free probiotic drink! I love this brand so much, because it truly WORKS to heal my guts before I know they are about to freak out. Probiotics are also great to take to prevent and shorten the length you have a cold or flu bug.
  9. Bakery on Main will be there! OMG, this is my all-time favorite instant oatmeal brand because it has a blend of GF oats, quinoa, flax, chia and amaranth! The oatmeals are all sesame free too!
  10. Beanfield’s chips & Glutenberg beer! (Do I have to tell how this combo of GF and food allergy safe treats makes my heart skip a few beats?!? It does, I just got light-headed thinking about it!)

So, that’s my personal top 10 list of things in looking forward to February 20-21! I hope to see you all there!