Back to Cali, And Expo Season Begins!

If you don’t know me on Instagram or in real life, then you probably don’t know I’m back in So. Cal. Hopefully, this time, it’s for good! My fur-kiddos and I are very happy now that we have family and friends all within walking distance (and more just miles away via freeway and side streets).

Anyway, this post is really all about Expo Season!

The GFAF Expo is just around the corner in San Diego and I will be there. I’ll be there everywhere! As a volunteer, as a worker-bee with my family’s favorite brands, and as a blogger/Instagrammer too! I cannot wait to try some new brands, and partake in a few “Gluten Free Classics” like Enjoy Life, Udi’s & Glutino, Freedom Foods (link is to the USA site, AUS site is of course Sunbutter!
Oh, and guess what? There’s going to be a company coming all the way from Japan called Bears/Kumamoto Flour Milling Co! Their website is all in Japanese, but I promise you the photos on this version, all remind me of my Japanese summer exchange program where I learned to bake in the metric system in my high school’s baking classroom where we may have actually used this very flour when we baked traditional Welsh scones! I’m super excited to connect with this Japanese company, and hopefully take a “peace” shashin (✌️

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