New Year, New Goals

It is now one month into 2014, and my one year anniversary for my domain and a real blogger! Also, in just a few days, it will be my 6th Gluten Free Birthday!
I decided last year that I should celebrate my Gluten Free Birthday, just as anyone would celebrate a regular birthday, or half-birthday. Since my GFB is pretty close to my half-birthday, and I have been gluten free for five full years, I’m going big this year!

How do you go big for your Gluten Free Birthday?
Aside from the usual New Planet and Bard’s beer fest, I am committing myself to blog more, review more, and commit myself to no longer be afraid of food in the big world of wheat and GMO’s. Because I am still not a committed vegan [though I would like to be someday], another goal of mine is to be more conscious of the foods I am taking in. By this, I mean I strive for organic and sustainable produce whenever possible, eating more green and red (veggies and fruits), less brown and white (carbs and sugars—but I love sugar!). If I can truly accomplish these goals, I know I will be healthier and happier with other choices in life.

Life is short, and sometimes seems shorter as a spoonie. But, we only have this one time in these blessed bodies, so please join me in treating yours well too. It’s only one year. We can do it together.

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