Time to start preparing…

It is almost October, 2013. This October might be the best one so far (in my life). In the past, October has been my least favorite month: as a child it meant getting bronchitis and ear infections, in high school it meant my sister staying home from school with pneumonia while I still had to attend classes, my first senior year of high school marked the first month of constant pain from my 12-week long migraine, in undergrad I had to start classes, in adulthood it meant getting comfortable with a new job, new dog, or new boyfriend. No matter what, October meant change, usually for the worse!
I have hope and faith that this October will begin to mean a change for the better. I am looking forward to the GFAF Expo in Plano, TX at the end of the month. Along with working in a fabulously healthy, gluten free, vegan kitchen, I hope to make many memories with old and new work-friends. It’s always nice to have like-minded and health conscious friends! My landlord/housemate comes back to Texas in October too! I have missed her and her big dog so much! Friends like her are hard to find, and I am so thankful to have her in my life! My parents will arrive back from their European vacation as well, in October. I cannot wait to be able to FaceTime them every night!

**** Some things I learned this week:
1. Chopping onions without wearing gloves will make your hands stink like onions for at least a full 24 hours. 🙁
2. Most of my coworkers think I have a nice butt. 😉
3. Adding chia seeds to my protein and vitamin drink blends was a great idea. 🙂
4. Not drinking my chia-infused drinks quickly was not a good idea as it led to a giant clump of chia on the bottom of my water bottle. 🙁
5. I make a lot of faces throughout the day. Most of them make my boss and friends laugh. 🙂
6. I need to pay more attention to the amount of gas in my car so I do t run out of gas again. 🙁
7. My adrenals seem to finally be functioning! 🙂
8. My guts are also happily functioning, with almost no inflammation, thanks to liquid grape seed extract! 🙂
9. The best way to make a veggie mix is to “smash the love” into the potatoes. 🙂
10. “Smashing the love into” food makes it look and taste better than “mashing the crap out of” food, especially sweet potatoes and white potatoes. (It also builds more arm strength and muscle.) 🙂 🙂

Have a great week!

Only the Lonely…

Lately, I’ve been feeling lonely. I have my dogs, my family is a phone call away, and my biggest comfort food is now gone.
My favorite food has pretty much always been ice cream. I love ice cream so much, my motto for life (before going gluten free and dairy free) was: There’s always room for ice cream.
Since I went gluten free over five years ago, the only gluten free ice cream I knew of was Purely Decadent (now called So Delicious). My Mom found it for my nephew when he was only a year old. I was so thankful because I hadn’t had real ice cream in at least a year. I love So Delicious coconut and almond milk ice creams. But, whenever Almond Dream flavors go on sale at Whole Foods, I’m all over them too!