I’ve had a good little run working for food and working for my livelihood. It’s been a rough road for me these last few months. I wish I could pinpoint what exactly changed me. I may never know. I do know, however, that my life is not over and I am fighting to stay alive. Whether the thoughts are from my own head, or from my heart’s anxiety, I am trying to block them so that I can stay with my dogs one more day.

I wrote that towards the end of June, 2013. It is now August, and my life has changed so much since then!
I am now on a wonderful medicine, it’s an SSRI (Celexa), which has so far made me have no depression and substantially less anxiety and OCD issues. I love this new medicine and hope I will not need to be on it a year from now. That is the goal.
My doctor changed my thyroid medicine from Armour, back to Levothyroxine. It’s helping. I’m doing okay.
I saw a gastroenterologist. He had me do an Upper GI and get a gallbladder ultrasound. I’m “normal,” as usual; but we all know that I am not even close to “normal.” Some ideas he had were to go on the FODMAP Diet, that I “just have IBS,” and that I may possibly have microscopic colitis.
I’m pretty sure I have something still wrong with me. It’s not normal to have ‘the big D’ all the time, no matter what I eat or drink (of course I’m still not eating gluten, and all my other food allergies and sensitivities).

Other changes in my life include losing one job, a new job, re-gaining an old friend, and gaining a new local “family” network. Life is not always good these days, but it is a heck of a lot better than it was!

I hope everyone has a great August. Stay tuned to my Instagram and Facebook page for all my birthday-month photos and fun facts. 🙂

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