One of my friends with Celiac Disease wrote this guest blog post for me. He’s pretty cool, and also chronically awesome like the rest of us. Anthony lives in Canada and is a Journalism student.
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Becoming a Gluten Free Gladiator
By Anthony Sicilia

This transition from wheat to non- wheat has not been an easy one. It’s been nearly three years since my first diagnosis. Even though I have gotten all the gluten out of my system, a ton of people still don’t seem to get it. I live in a very strong willed Italian family. There food of choice is pasta, pasta and more pasta. How in the world can I survive in a family while they eat pasta? Easy corn pasta makes my stomach happy, mainly because I’m not running to the bathroom 10 minutes after I eat my supper. Most people without wheat allergies look at me as though I’m psychologically not right in the brain.

In all honesty though its my vili that has the real issues, and because of this when I come into contact with wheat, I can’t digest my food.

Eating gluten free at first really was not a good experience. The food often felt like it had no taste or texture. As time went on, I became more accustom to eating food without wheat. I even enjoyed it. The only problem that I am faced it with now is that I often feel left out or like that one kid that gets picked last for everything in gym class.

Going into year two of being gluten free I was still finding it a bit difficult to choose foods that I would like and that my stomach would agree with. It was then I saw my saving grace in wheat free forms. Pasta’s and breads made by Glutino Once I hopped on the Glutino train I rode it all the way home buying up breads, cookies, and whatever my hands could grab.

My first time shopping for Glutino products was like an entire supermarket sweep. I tried real hard to stretch the Canadian dollar as far as it would go that day. Even though, I was on a college budget there was no need for penny pinching that day. Each gluten free isle I walked down that, food was staring at me quietly claiming I should eat this, I should eat that. I was on cloud nine when I returned home with two months worth of groceries.

Some of the brands of gluten free products I enjoy include, Kettle, they made chips; I favour any type of corn pasta vs rice pasta. Rice pasta seems to get too watery and it doesn’t have enough of a solid base. The pasta I enjoy eating is Pasta Del Oro. I like udi’s bakery products.

My favourite cheat foods, are, Resse pieces peanut butter cups, frozen yogurt, snack packs and of course Greek yogurt. From time to time, I still do look recipes by Google or YouTube for anyone to use.

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