Giving Glute the Boot: Kicking the Wheat Habit

June 5, 2013

Hello (GF) Friends,

My name is Anthony and I am Canadian. Earlier this week I was asked to make a guest appearance on this blog and I figure there is no day better to work than Wednesdays. The reason I was asked to make my presence known on this blog is because like most of you reading I have food allergies. I call myself a self proclaimed wheat free warrior and my fight begins and ends with me standing in a wheat field.

However it’s not the wheat fields I have a problem with. My problem really begins inside food factories. Nation, listen up! Food allergies are not brought on buy natural sunlight and soil. They are manifest in food manufacturing facilities.

The secret ingredients that are harmful to our bodies are called GMO’S, or genetically modified organisms. GMO’s are used to add that little something extra to our foods. We all know that we, who have wheat and/or food allergies, all realize the disgusting feelings we have when wheat gets into our systems. The reason happens is because our Gluten Free bodies can’t distinguish the difference in dangerous enzymes.

Due to the fact that foods that have been modified have wrecked havoc on our bodies, damaging the vili of our intestines, our bodies alert our fight or flight syndrome. We all have it because it doesn’t recognize the grain as safe, but dangerous.

I have been Gluten Free now for two years. I’ll be completely honest with you in saying that the diet and lifestyle can be a pricy one, it can be frustrating and at times it can be difficult.
One thing I suggest is to get informed as much as possible.

When I first started the gluten free diet two years ago, I often found the food tasteless and boring. As I became more informed, food started to taste a lot better. Now I not only have a food allergy but I also have a physical disability condition known as spastic cerebral palsy. Spastic Cerebral Palsy affects 70% of my motor skills from my legs to my arms.

Even with my difficulties in life, I still for the most part, am like any other normal human being. I am very active and I workout about four days a week. It is important for me to continue to strengthen and achieve my goals of walking a little straighter and a little taller after each workout.
Due to the fact that I live with Cerebral Palsy on a daily basis, I tend to burn off a ton of calories each day. I burn off five times as much as an “Average Joe.” To give you a all a better understanding of what that really means it breaks down like this: seven calories every sixty seconds is burned off by me on a daily basis. So for me to maintain a healthy weight, I must take in 3200 calories a day, that breaks down to 8-9 meals a day including protein shakes.

With all this information that you now have read, I hope you are informed, enlightened and entertained. I will be back next Saturday to tell you about what food brands I enjoy and what its like having wheat allergies in an Italian family in a blog post.


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