Depression Session


Depression is not fun, it never was, it never will be.
I survive because I believe in God, and I believe my dogs know that. Every day is a struggle when I wake up like this. I am thankful my dogs are here to make me get out of bed (in fear of them peeing on the carpet), they are the reason I get up. I think my dogs know when I am not feeling right because they are always around to comfort me during those times. My dogs have become my balance in my life.
Sometimes my depression hits and there’s nothing I can do to get over it. Sometimes exercise helps. Sometimes cleaning up and organizing helps, but only for that moment. Thyroid medicine helps, but not always.
Thyroid problems are not fun. When mine is not in balance, my whole world suffers. It bothers me when people just think that thyroid problems are all cured by a pill. It is not that easy when it is autoimmune. It is never just that easy, my body is changing every moment throughout the day, because of this condition.


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