Depression Session


Depression is not fun, it never was, it never will be.
I survive because I believe in God, and I believe my dogs know that. Every day is a struggle when I wake up like this. I am thankful my dogs are here to make me get out of bed (in fear of them peeing on the carpet), they are the reason I get up. I think my dogs know when I am not feeling right because they are always around to comfort me during those times. My dogs have become my balance in my life.
Sometimes my depression hits and there’s nothing I can do to get over it. Sometimes exercise helps. Sometimes cleaning up and organizing helps, but only for that moment. Thyroid medicine helps, but not always.
Thyroid problems are not fun. When mine is not in balance, my whole world suffers. It bothers me when people just think that thyroid problems are all cured by a pill. It is not that easy when it is autoimmune. It is never just that easy, my body is changing every moment throughout the day, because of this condition.


Pictures and a Little Rant…

First the rant, then the pictures!

After seeing the picture Gluten Dude posted on his website, to which I posted on my website, Facebook Page, and my personal Facebook, my buddies at Vegeria Vegan Restaurant posted it on their Facebook Page and have received mixed reviews about Celiac Disease. Of course, this really aggravates me because these select people are so sadly misinformed about Celiac Disease. I’m sure they would not be writing these same ignorant comments if they were affected by it. I hope they would not be writing these things if they had a family member affected by it too.
I’m one of the “lucky ones” surviving this and Hashimoto’s (and all my other food allergies and intolerances) on my own, with very little to no support from my family. I have learned that it is much easier to live away from them (three states or more), so I am not influenced by their ignorance and intolerance to my intolerances.
I have been a fighter for my health for most of my life. I learned to fight from my parents, and I know they do love me because they fought my twelve-week-long migraine during my first senior year of high school with me. I was tested for everything from Lyme to meningitis to brain and spinal cancer, just to be told “it’s just a migraine ” by numerous doctors of varying specialties. If only we knew about Celiac Disease then!
I have been on so many “migraine diets” since then and the only one that works is a Celiac (gluten free – ZERO ppm) lifestyle and completely omitting all my other allergens too.
When my thyroid finally tested hypothyroid, I was thankful that it wasn’t all in my head; that it was never “just a migraine.” When my birthday came around in 2012, I was even more thankful to have a Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis diagnosis. (If you have one auto-immune disease, it’s much easier to get another.) I know what gluten does to me. I know it’s capabilities on my weakened immune system. I choose to live as healthy as I can. I choose to love my allergen-filled and gluten-free life and my family just the same.

A whole lot of yumm’s for dinner… 20130506-120020.jpg

My buddy, Lauren, and Gluten Dude are who I thank for this recap of Gluten Free living and accurate information from HEB grocery store chain.



You know I love Enjoy Life products…You can trust I love So Delicious EVERYTHING! But guess what I may love more than both of those, at least until I run out… Purely Elizabeth granola! It’s sweet from the blueberries and a little salty too: the perfect combination for a great breakfast cereal. Even better for a snacking granola, because the clusters stay in pretty big clumps, even in milk. 20130506-120107.jpg

Fred, at Vegeria Vegan Restaurant in San Antonio, TX, has seriously created the best bread rolls ever! 20130506-120122.jpg

Sometimes, a little can of Red Bull Blue (blueberry) has just enough taurine to help me through the first half of my workday. And wearing a Pretty Little Celiac wristband for Celiac Disease awareness makes everything better too! 20130506-120142.jpg

I like wine. I like hanging out with former NFL players. I love it when I can combine the two in a photo! 20130506-120156.jpg

Check out Pretty Little Celiac for your own Celiac Disease Awareness headband. And Red Apple Lipstick for awesome safe eyeshadow and lip colors. 20130506-120303.jpg