The Monkey Left My Back

The monkey that has been plaguing my back has finally gone away! Actually, I have been carrying two monkeys on my back that are now gone.
The first monkey was a financial one, cause and effect of being well-employed, unemployed and then under-employed for the last six years. I am so glad that one more bill burden is gone!
The second monkey was a professional one. Because it has a lot to do with why I started back on this whole blog, I may never say what company it involves. Also, because I have so many jobs, I like to think it is pretty difficult for many people to guess. This monkey left me bittersweetly. I am proud of myself for putting up a good fight and really giving it “the old college try.” I tried, I fought, and a middle ground was met. I now have a pretty firm grasp of what I consider employment law and ADA compliance. This battle was big for me. I am very thankful that a common ground was finally met. I hope and pray that nobody has to go through that stress like I had to. However, I plan on continuing my advocacy in the “adult world” and fighting for and helping others who find themselves in this similar situation.

My boss gave me this cross today for my new home. It is a nice reminder that there is a higher power and force in the world. I am thankful for that.


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