Expo West envy… SXSW wins…


My Expo West envy began when I realized I had a new addiction to chia seeds, and everything that is good about chia: chia pets, chia powder, chia “boogers,” chia vitamins, chia omegas. So as soon as my dear friend Celiac and the Beast got to try a new Mamma Chia snack pouch at Expo West, I was on a mission to get anything and everything related to Mamma Chia! Lucky for me, there was a rep demo at the Austin, TX Whole Foods Flagship Store during my first night at SXSW! He hooked me up with some swag and a coupon I used that night! 20130311-185134.jpg

Before my chia addiction, there was an ice pop addiction. Yup, I love sugar (it’s glucose, not gluten), I love fruit, and apparently I love flowers mixed with mint! Good Pop is a locally owned business, based in Austin, TX. These guys created a brand in creating “good for you” ice pops. They are my favorite, and the Hibiscus Mint is what got me hooked on them a couple years ago at an in-store demo. This company is great too, every year they have a contest with Austin elementary school children to create a new flavor. This last year’s winning flavor was created by a group of children, I believe the flavor was blueberry lemonade. 20130311-184943.jpg

I saw this guy wandering 6th Street and he asked for a picture. All I could think of was a fellow blogger’s site, Breaking Up with Captain Crunch, so I had to take the picture for her, whether she knows who I am or not. 20130311-185018.jpg

I got to share a ride with my fabulous driver, Chuck Manley (yup, that is his real name), and with Nat Jones. Nat was super cool, a hilarious good guy, from the great state of Chicago – apparently Chicago is now a state within the state of Illinois. He has a great YouTube site as well, so check him out for cool new workout videos and reviews! 20130311-185809.jpg
I finally made my way to the food truck area of SXSW and found this great Houston-based Vietnamese food truck. Phamily Bites was able to accommodate my food allergies and made me a safe, gluten free, (although they didn’t have their vegan broth, and they had just run out of all the veggies), big bowl of phō. This hot bowl of soup was much needed on a cold night!
It was a cold night, but you know I love food, so I had to try everything that promised to be gluten free and delicious! So I stopped at Jeni’s Frozen Yogurt truck and got one scoop of each of their gluten free flavors: dark chocolate, lemon, and salty caramel. The other two were great together, but I could easily eat a gallon of lemon and not be sorry for it. It was that good! The great thing about Jeni’s is that they are local to Columbus, OH and can ship to all 50 states on a dry ice pack overnight. That’s pretty cool, if you ask me! You can count on me begging for “ice cream” all summer long in San Antonio, TX! 20130311-185046.jpg 20130311-185031.jpg

While driving around the city, I did get to see a couple cool things: The Texas State Capital building is really the prettiest building I’ve ever seen. I love the dome and the reddish color of the exterior. 20130311-185009.jpg

I’m pretty sure that guy in the crowd with the creamy white hat being interviewed is LL Cool J. Though I was far away, it was still kind of a highlight moment. 20130311-195947.jpg
That concludes my SXSW experience this time around. I’m sure to have a few more updates from the music portion of the event later.

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