Some girls buy shoes, some girls buy food…

So, this week’s blog was supposed to be about the ups and downs of life, of having Hashimoto’s, of never knowing if your food will make you sick because of food allergies or unknown gluten contamination. But it’s not going to be about all that, not really. I’d rather write about my cool new finds and another way I just noticed I deal with my emotions: retail therapy.
In the last week I have easily spent over $200 on food: safe, healthy, great-tasting, gluten free food! I guess it may be part of my love of food that drives me to use this as a form of retail therapy, but it also may just be because I am always hungry! I love food, everything about food: taste, texture, and smell. I’m not saying I don’t buy shoes as part of my “retail therapy.” I’m just saying I think of food before shoes most of the time. I have always been this way, even before I knew I had food allergies and intolerances. This is why I am so thankful that I have such a special relationship with food. Although my food bills six years ago included more food for my dollar, my life is better and I feel better with the better quality and “real” foods I am now purchasing. My former stress-coping mechanism has become a passion, and I’m no longer afraid to admit that and share that with the world.
(These are one of my new pairs of shoes – super comfortable, super cheap.)

This is my dog, and my new favorite Woodchuck Cider. It’s called “Spring” and really does taste delicious! It’s like drinking apple pancakes covered in fresh maple syrup. I enjoyed every drop after a stressful day of working two jobs. I honestly never thought I would enjoy a hard cider more than a good red wine. Woodchuck had me with their new Reserve flavor – made in Heaven Hill Bourbon’s barrels – I’m now a loyal Woodchuck flavored hard cider fan with this Spring flavor. Woodchuck just keeps bringing it!

Chia seed is my newest favorite addition to my protein and juicing mixes. After seeing updates and reviews from fellow bloggers attending Expo West, I was super bummed that I wasn’t there and didn’t get to try Mamma Chia’s new chia food pouches. (I love food pouches – baby and tot food pouches from Happy Family and Ella’s Kitchen baby food are my favorites!) I had no idea that Mamma Chia made other products, so I became a super-fan as soon as I met my area’s local representative at Whole Foods in Austin, Texas. He knew about the new pouches but did not have any with him. However, he was sampling all the fun new-to-me flavors of Mamma Chia drinks. I love that everything is gluten free, vegan, and organic. I also love their brand’s image: a woman who looks like she is deep in meditation. This is very much the way chia seeds make me feel. They are loaded with vitamins and omega’s that make me feel at peace inside.
This is me rocking my new Mamma Chia pin with my two favorite flavors of Mamma Chia drinks in the Whole Foods flagship store in Austin, TX.

In other news… I’ve been at South by Southwest all weekend and totally rocking my Celiac and the Beast sweater all over Austin, TX. Keep spreading awareness!

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