Today was a good age day…

Today was a good age day. I was just getting started at my first job of the day and this guy (who admitted he was under 30 years old) thought I was under 25 years old. This wouldn’t mean much to anyone else. But it’s huge for me. It’s huge because two days ago I felt like I was dying. Three days ago I was miserably sick. Four days ago I could not feel my feet. Five days ago I was super tired. Six days ago I was too sick to work a full day. Seven days ago I slept most of the day away.
I’d like to thank my parents for these wonderful genetics: big hair, big cheeks, big eyes… When I’m feeling good I look ten years younger than I am! (I won’t mention it’s mostly genetics that made me sick to begin with.) I’d also like to thank Red Apple Lipstick for helping my lips pop and shimmering eyeshadow that helps keep me looking young.


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