I’m Turning Five!

I’m super excited I’m still alive! My GF support group has grown tremendously! Though it doesn’t involve any of my biological family, my GF Family has been amazing and growing over the last two months, and weeks! My GF Family is full of a lot of “me too” in regards to NOBODY else in the family having Celiac or Hashimoto’s. We are the “Lucky One’s.” Thats how I’ve had to think of it for the last five years… Yup, bc my gluten free belly is turning FIVE YEARS OLD! 

It seems like only yesterday… No, it was yesterday, when I was in pain for some unknown reason related to food I was near or maybe ingested at some point in the last three days… Celiac is a daily struggle to feel “normal” and Hashimoto’s is like a minutely struggle! But there’s a new “normal” now. My normal is eating clean, taking in plant based protein, staying organic, non-GMO, and only trusting labels that say GF Certified! I love my version of normal now. 
I’m lucky because I only really suffered for three months before a coworker said, “Oh, do you have Celiac?” I’m lucky because I have my GF Family. I’m lucky because I have this blog, and the blogs of others, to rant and rave on. I’m lucky because I know it was never “all in my head.” I’m lucky because I am still alive!