Food Addiction and Puppy Love

What can I say? I love food! I love the taste of a fresh dessert, the feel of warm tomato and spinach on the roof of my mouth, the subtle crunch of a sautéed baby bella mushroom, and of course: the hot spices in chili sauce that just make me happy to be alive.
I went to the Alamo Quarry Farmer’s Market this weekend with my friend to catch up and for me to introduce her to my newest food love at the Farmer’s Market.
I had crepes on my mind all week, so I could not wait to place my order at GOOD GLUTEN FREE FOODS food booth. While I waited for my Super Veggie to be made, Christian took this photo of me chowing down on the giant Raspberry Tart from GOOD GLUTEN FREE FOODS.

My crepe arrived! It was so good on its own last week that I decided to try out their gluten free chili sauce. I am never turning back on that sauce now! 🙂 Yup, that’s how good it was! Not too spicy, not too peppery, … just right! All I have to say is: be jealous, friends. And then come join me at the next Farmer’s Market in San Antonio.

This weekend these were my lunchtime snacks. Most of these items were leftover from my airplane emergency food Go Picnic meal packs. I love the Happy Baby squeeze pouches because not only do they contain fruit and veggies, but they taste like sweet, like a fruit and veggie smoothie. Who doesn’t love Sunbutter?!? Those Enjoy Life Double Chocolate cookies were all crumbles, but also all delicious! And who doesn’t like trail mix? Enjoy Life must know what I like and what works for me because their trail mix is perfect: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried apple chunks (but still kind of squishy), and mini chocolate chips! The Peel A Part fruit chew is actually made in Canada, eh? It’s really good! The Go Picnic Sunbutter meal pack is the only place I’ve ever seen this brand, and sometimes the only reason I pick up this particular Go Picnic box at my local Sprout’s supermarket.


Sunday night was Oscar Awards night. During the Oscar Awards, my big girl decided it was time to play and I decided it was time to take funny photos. I love my big dog! Not only does she keep me warm at night, she keeps me smiling too. 20130225-182836.jpg

This is my old man. After a big dog food dinner and a long Oscar Awards show, my old man was beat! I love this guy.

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