What happened this week? I may not remember everything, but it was Awesome!

After I got back from the GFAF Expo, life just got better! I was back at work, and still feeling groggy and glutened [from the recycle airplane air], but life just seemed to get better each day.
In case you didn’t know, I have wild and crazy food allergies, in addition to the gluten. So it is really hard to go someplace and just order off the menu. That all changed on Valentine’s Day!
I’ve been working part time (one of my many jobs) at Vegeria Vegan Restaurant. I can work there because it is totally Gluten Free. Many items are truly raw, all are vegan. After I gave him a Celiac and the Beast (order one at: www.celiacandthebeast.com) tshirt I bought for him at the GFAF Expo, one of the owners, Fred, and I were talking about creating a menu item for me, that I wouldn’t have to modify, that I would just be able to say, “I would like …..” We talked between orders and dishes and came up with a couple of mg favorite things. On Friday, after my full-time job, I got to try it! It was amazing!
Most of the time, I worry about being able to go out to eat. Whether it is going on a date or out with friends to catch up on life, I always feel like I’m coming across as one of “those people”- the picky eater, the germaphobic, or the mean girl who just has too many special orders. I know, my therapist is teaching me to tell the difference between “my stuff” and “their stuff,” but this is kind of both of our stuff because I LOVE TO EAT! (And I don’t enjoy eating food I think somebody spit in.) I now feel safe and am much happier inside knowing that someone, a business owner, really does care about his employees and his customers. I hope we can come up with many more “Angela’s Allergy List Approved” menu items, and many more desserts with Sunbutter! Raw Sunbutter Fudge was really amazing!



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