Gluten-free to Glutened in Less Than Two Hours

Today was the last day of the GFAF Expo. I have a million memories I’ll never let go! I met my GF heroes and was seriously educated in helping this gluten free community grow! It ended too fast. It was only two days long. It was over as soon as I felt comfortable in my skin again.

My cousin came to pick me up, I packed two suitcases FULL of food I picked up to review, to eat, and to enjoy! She invited me out to a swanky little dive restaurant and jazz club with her friends. I felt I would regret it if I did not get out into the city. So I went. I kind of regret it anyway. The staff said there is gluten in their rice. How do I even attempt to trust a place when they tell me they “know” there is gluten in all rice? So I got up, walked outside, was quickly convinced I might get shot if I stay outside, and I cried, and I blogged.

My missions in life keep getting longer… Everybody needs to know what gluten is! If you work with food, get FAAN training (or be open to having a person with food allergies school you)!

Seriously, we know what we are doing because we already did the research.

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