On my way to GFAF Expo in San Francisco!

In case you didn’t know… I’m an
I’m really looking forward to meeting my Facebook and Instagram friends at this event! I can’t wait to re-meet my friends from last year’s expo in Dallas, TX as well. I’m super looking forward to saying “me too” a thousand times! There’s going to be multiple mixers and speaking events to attend, even a live tv taping! I’m super duper excited and totally shaking in the airport right now… (I think that is from the hashimoto’s kicking in though.) 🙂
Last weekend I attended the Gluten Free Calendar’s event before the San Antonio Spurs game. I got this thirst and totally rocked it at work on “jeans day.” It was great to show off my happy belly. 🙂

I started oil pulling with coconut oil a couple weeks ago, my face is clearer, my (ahem) digestive issues are benefiting, and teeth are whiter, but my amazing (MD) doctor said that my cavity fillings from when I was a child could fall out! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to go to the dentist one extra time a year! Still worth it!

This is my baby girl, she’s six now, but she and her brother are the only things worth missing in Texas right now. I really hope ex-bf is taking good care of them!

This is my PooBear. He’s been with me through EVERYTHING in my real adulthood (real=leaving my parents house). Sometimes he can be sneaky, sometimes he can be cuddly, but he’s always my little LuvBug!

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