Food Addiction and Puppy Love

What can I say? I love food! I love the taste of a fresh dessert, the feel of warm tomato and spinach on the roof of my mouth, the subtle crunch of a sautéed baby bella mushroom, and of course: the hot spices in chili sauce that just make me happy to be alive.
I went to the Alamo Quarry Farmer’s Market this weekend with my friend to catch up and for me to introduce her to my newest food love at the Farmer’s Market.
I had crepes on my mind all week, so I could not wait to place my order at GOOD GLUTEN FREE FOODS food booth. While I waited for my Super Veggie to be made, Christian took this photo of me chowing down on the giant Raspberry Tart from GOOD GLUTEN FREE FOODS.

My crepe arrived! It was so good on its own last week that I decided to try out their gluten free chili sauce. I am never turning back on that sauce now! 🙂 Yup, that’s how good it was! Not too spicy, not too peppery, … just right! All I have to say is: be jealous, friends. And then come join me at the next Farmer’s Market in San Antonio.

This weekend these were my lunchtime snacks. Most of these items were leftover from my airplane emergency food Go Picnic meal packs. I love the Happy Baby squeeze pouches because not only do they contain fruit and veggies, but they taste like sweet, like a fruit and veggie smoothie. Who doesn’t love Sunbutter?!? Those Enjoy Life Double Chocolate cookies were all crumbles, but also all delicious! And who doesn’t like trail mix? Enjoy Life must know what I like and what works for me because their trail mix is perfect: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried apple chunks (but still kind of squishy), and mini chocolate chips! The Peel A Part fruit chew is actually made in Canada, eh? It’s really good! The Go Picnic Sunbutter meal pack is the only place I’ve ever seen this brand, and sometimes the only reason I pick up this particular Go Picnic box at my local Sprout’s supermarket.


Sunday night was Oscar Awards night. During the Oscar Awards, my big girl decided it was time to play and I decided it was time to take funny photos. I love my big dog! Not only does she keep me warm at night, she keeps me smiling too. 20130225-182836.jpg

This is my old man. After a big dog food dinner and a long Oscar Awards show, my old man was beat! I love this guy.

What happened this week? I may not remember everything, but it was Awesome!

After I got back from the GFAF Expo, life just got better! I was back at work, and still feeling groggy and glutened [from the recycle airplane air], but life just seemed to get better each day.
In case you didn’t know, I have wild and crazy food allergies, in addition to the gluten. So it is really hard to go someplace and just order off the menu. That all changed on Valentine’s Day!
I’ve been working part time (one of my many jobs) at Vegeria Vegan Restaurant. I can work there because it is totally Gluten Free. Many items are truly raw, all are vegan. After I gave him a Celiac and the Beast (order one at: tshirt I bought for him at the GFAF Expo, one of the owners, Fred, and I were talking about creating a menu item for me, that I wouldn’t have to modify, that I would just be able to say, “I would like …..” We talked between orders and dishes and came up with a couple of mg favorite things. On Friday, after my full-time job, I got to try it! It was amazing!
Most of the time, I worry about being able to go out to eat. Whether it is going on a date or out with friends to catch up on life, I always feel like I’m coming across as one of “those people”- the picky eater, the germaphobic, or the mean girl who just has too many special orders. I know, my therapist is teaching me to tell the difference between “my stuff” and “their stuff,” but this is kind of both of our stuff because I LOVE TO EAT! (And I don’t enjoy eating food I think somebody spit in.) I now feel safe and am much happier inside knowing that someone, a business owner, really does care about his employees and his customers. I hope we can come up with many more “Angela’s Allergy List Approved” menu items, and many more desserts with Sunbutter! Raw Sunbutter Fudge was really amazing!



Gluten-free to Glutened in Less Than Two Hours

Today was the last day of the GFAF Expo. I have a million memories I’ll never let go! I met my GF heroes and was seriously educated in helping this gluten free community grow! It ended too fast. It was only two days long. It was over as soon as I felt comfortable in my skin again.

My cousin came to pick me up, I packed two suitcases FULL of food I picked up to review, to eat, and to enjoy! She invited me out to a swanky little dive restaurant and jazz club with her friends. I felt I would regret it if I did not get out into the city. So I went. I kind of regret it anyway. The staff said there is gluten in their rice. How do I even attempt to trust a place when they tell me they “know” there is gluten in all rice? So I got up, walked outside, was quickly convinced I might get shot if I stay outside, and I cried, and I blogged.

My missions in life keep getting longer… Everybody needs to know what gluten is! If you work with food, get FAAN training (or be open to having a person with food allergies school you)!

Seriously, we know what we are doing because we already did the research.

GFAF Expo [micro-recap of why these events are so awesome and inspiring]

I’m at the GFAF Expo and LOVING every minute of it!

 Last night I got to hang out with a bunch of amazing bloggers, business people, and fellow Celiacs. This community truly is stronger than any other network I have ever been a part of. I love that even though I never met any of these people prior to two nights ago (face to face at least), as soon as we met, it was like we never didn’t know each other!

These two people with me, “Celiac Diva,” and Jay from Red Apple Lipstick, are pretty much the two people I thank for “saving” me. Lauren is an amazing person who I found by chance on Facebook, over three years ago. Back then, her reviews of foods and Red Apple Lipstick made me feel like people cared about my health. And that meant I should too!

I took so many photos already at the expo and I hope to have many more today to post on a blog someday.

There’s no stopping me now! I feel the love of the GF world and cannot wait to make my blogging and life experiences something great. I have really learned so much about the GF market and my health in these last two nights. I can’t help but want to share that all with people who were not able to make it to this expo.

We are the official blogging team for this GFAF Expo, and I love being a tiny part of the GF blogging world already. I can only get bigger and better in the future!

On my way to GFAF Expo in San Francisco!

In case you didn’t know… I’m an
I’m really looking forward to meeting my Facebook and Instagram friends at this event! I can’t wait to re-meet my friends from last year’s expo in Dallas, TX as well. I’m super looking forward to saying “me too” a thousand times! There’s going to be multiple mixers and speaking events to attend, even a live tv taping! I’m super duper excited and totally shaking in the airport right now… (I think that is from the hashimoto’s kicking in though.) 🙂
Last weekend I attended the Gluten Free Calendar’s event before the San Antonio Spurs game. I got this thirst and totally rocked it at work on “jeans day.” It was great to show off my happy belly. 🙂

I started oil pulling with coconut oil a couple weeks ago, my face is clearer, my (ahem) digestive issues are benefiting, and teeth are whiter, but my amazing (MD) doctor said that my cavity fillings from when I was a child could fall out! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to go to the dentist one extra time a year! Still worth it!

This is my baby girl, she’s six now, but she and her brother are the only things worth missing in Texas right now. I really hope ex-bf is taking good care of them!

This is my PooBear. He’s been with me through EVERYTHING in my real adulthood (real=leaving my parents house). Sometimes he can be sneaky, sometimes he can be cuddly, but he’s always my little LuvBug!