Week in review…

A week ago, I was at my work’s annual awards banquet. I had already had a bad food day because I could only eat one item after it was modified to remove onions and corn at the only vegan, gluten free restaurant in San Antonio. But I got a delicious cupcake there too, so it wasn’t a total disappointment. At the banquet, my server was nice enough to bring out a gluten free plate of meat and a cheesey potato mash, which my dogs loved last Sunday, along with three buttery asparagus and four halves of grape tomato. I ate the buttered veggies, and a small plate of fruit there from the dessert fruit tray. However, between the dinner and dessert plates, I’ll never forget the server yelling at me: “What? You don’t like the food?” while I was eating my vegan, gluten free $9.00 taco. Seriously! I’ve been questioned before, but never yelled at like that, in my face!



Anyway, the other excitement this week was my allergy test that showed I wasn’t allergic to anything crazy, just the outside world, and other people’s dogs – because mine clearly like to sleep on my face and on the pillow net to my face and I have no problems with them. Other foods I’m allergic to include eggs, chicken, and cantaloupe. Now, I completely understand the chicken and the egg thing – it’s the same animal. But cantaloupe?!? I’m the only person I know who enjoyed a cup of rock melon ice cream in Japan. It’s my favorite of all the melons! Seriously? I’m allergic to a melon. 🙁 I am kind of upset my skin didn’t have a reaction to wheat, because I always assumed part of my acne/eczema/rosacea problems were from gluten in soaps and lotions. I’m thankful I finally got answers on some things and glad to know it’s not just me, my body is not a cat or rabbit person either. However, horses still freak me out, but I’m not allergic to them – just everything they eat and live among – grasses, trees, weeds.
The best thing that happened was meeting a new friend with celiac. He’s Canadian, but it’s cool because I have a Canadian cousin and he’s also Italian, well Sicilian, but you know, he likes food just like the rest of us. I love having someone to bounce ideas off of and from a male perspective too. It’s just nice.
The little things in life were nice too: my friend told me I have a good voice for radio, I got a lot of teamwork kind of stuff done at work, and I managed to finish this blog before Sunday! 🙂

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