Food Fighter

I am so thankful for this week. It was a super busy work week, but it was full of funny dress up days and the realization that I am stronger than I thought, and brave enough to fight for my health.

To me, work is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, and rewarding. So I am attending tonight’s awards banquet at a swanky hotel, where I have reserved a gluten free dinner plate – of course I forgot to say vegetarian/vegan on top of the gluten-free, but I have so many issues with food – I imagine my dogs will be enjoying a nice little meaty treat tonight! I always like to feel rewarded and appreciated, who doesn’t? Last week, we got to have a superhero dress-up day at work. So of course, I chose my own superhero: The Food Fighter! Most of my coworkers know I’m Celiac and have other food allergies, so they got a kick out of my costume. Some people weren’t aware of that, but they know I work with the food guys, so it was funny to them as well.

Food Fighter: I’m on a mission to fight for healthy food!

One of my goals for 2013 is to help raise awareness for healthy food – gluten free, non-GMO, and corn-free. I’m not trying to “push” my issues with food on other people (seriously, Mom, I’m not trying to), but I am trying to raise awareness of food allergies and that certain foods can be a toxic poison to some people. I hope that my superhero character raised some awareness at the morning meeting, just as my second place finish at last year’s pie-eating contest did (my gluten free dark chocolate pudding pie was the standard for weight of the other pies).

Another personal goal I’ve had is to get the allergen skin test. I haven’t been brave enough to do it in the past four years, so I’m happy to announce I’ll be completing this goal next week! I’m looking forward to finding out the results, but not looking forward to the itching and burning feelings of allergens on my back. Afterwards, I plan on meeting with a dietician and creating a proper meal plan for my dietary and allergen needs. I cannot wait for next week!
2013 is going to be a great year! Now that I have an iPad mini, I can take more videos and complete blog posts randomly throughout the day, or during sleepless nights. Be prepared for “brain foggy” blogs and the randomness of Hashimoto’s thoughts in 2013!
I had such a great time at the GFAF Expo last year in Dallas, that I signed up to be a blogger, and a volunteer at the next expo in San Francisco! I got to meet so many people who were “just like me.” I do not recall ever saying “me too” so many times in a single conversation, let alone multiple conversations in a single day as I did at my first GFAF Expo. It was a great ego boost for me to finally be a part of the in-crowd again. I am a “foodie” as well, so I just love trying all the samples and learning about new products as well. I am anticipating a great time at the GFAF Expo in San Francisco next month.

San Francisco, CA Feb 9-10, 2013

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