A 2012 Year in Review, or Not.

2012 was a wild and crazy ride… mostly consisting of me being sick, moving, new job, working every day, getting sick again, and then a breakup with the “Best Boyfriend in the World.” There were many good things that happened too: 

1. The breakup – now I know I’m still strong, and I don’t have to worry about cross contamination in my kitchen
2. Getting 2nd place (first for the females) at a work pie eating contest
3. Got a nice, safe apartment in a nice neighborhood
4. Learned the quickest way to get over being glutened – i5, Zipfizz, brown rice cakes, and a therapist/friend
5. Finally got diagnosed with a real medical problem: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and thereby Celiac Disease
6. More than halfway out of debt from “prior to 2011” – hoping to be free by 2014
7. Got my childhood dream job – I can officially die in peace for having accomplished all my childhood goals (But I’m trying really hard to not let that happen until after my dogs die – and yeah, I know, I still have issues to deal with there.)
8. Learned a lot about Celiac and the pains I thought were just a fact of life: were actually my intestines (back pain), leaky gut (bloating), corn allergy (“corn belly” bloat that lasts 2-3 weeks, leading everyone to think I’m pregnant), migraines/headaches (gluten interference and thyroid/hormone dysfunction)
9. Learned that my “food allergy” has now allowed me to claim ADA at work and food as a medical need on my 2012 taxes.
10. Learned who my friends were, and who still are, though almost all are far away from me now.
I did a lot of learning in 2012: a lot about myself and a lot about my illnesses. I am thankful for other bloggers out there who have inspired me to be better, and do better in the questionable faces of the glutened world. 
My wishes for 2013 are few and attainable:
1. Educate and enlighten the glutened in my life about Food and Mood
2. Be a better listener, and a better friend
3. Be happy 90% of the time, and sick/moody/brain foggy 10%
I’m not alone in this war. I am thankful. I am Angela, and I am awesome, and totally lovable!

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