Food Dreams

It’s officially my birthday week today! I’m anxious and nervous about it, after all, It’s the big one year before I’m 30. I think that this big day has prompted the weird dreams I’ve been having lately – it’s either that or the food I’ve consumed.

Last night, my dream consisted of me getting to go to a real swanky hotel, like the one we stayed at in Japan: The Rhiga Royal Hotel. From there, I went up the elevator, able to see the waterfall cascade into the lobby the whole time, so I was not too afraid. Then I met Oprah in the Grand Ballroom of the hotel and I ate all kinds of foods, like real cake and real french bread, that I’ve had to stay away from due to the gluten factor. After my meeting with Oprah, I got back into an elevator – not the same glass elevator as the one before, and was a little hesitant. But there was a young girl in the elevator with me, so I tried to be brave and went down to the lobby in the sealed metal box. We made it almost all the way to the lobby, when the elevator tilted and turned downward as we fell to the final level. We both ran out, and the girl ran to her mother – Madonna – who was standing at the glass elevator waiting to get to her room. Madonna thanked me for being brave and invited me to go up to her room: the penthouse suite. I declined because it would mean getting back in an elevator, and then I woke up.
So, I guess the lesson in that dream was to just overcome my daily fears and get over the fact that I’m older. As my dear friend, Missy said, “I don’t think we are getting older, we are getting better.” Thank you, Missy!

My most recent food favorites:
Idli – steamed rice muffins (Indian)
Almond Butter
“Bama” Apple Jam
Frozen fruit popsicles from Aldi – even the lime-pineapple ones that hurt my stomach
Non-sorbate California prunes from Trader Joe’s – I am the reigning “Fiberwoman” 🙂

“Remember kids, I eat raisins everyday. They help keep you regular.” – Mr. Pope, weekly speech on nutrition, Bernardo Yorba Middle School

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